Colon Cleanse: What if the path to death begins in the Colon?
January 28, 2016
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How do you know if you have Candida?

If you have read up on what makes for good colon health then you have most likely heard about Candida and how it can negatively affect your health if there is an overgrowth of it in your digestive tract.

So, what is Candida?

Candida is a fungus that aids with nutrient absorption and digestion, when in proper levels in the body. When it overproduces, the typical candida symptoms may appear. In the digestive tract, left unchecked, it breaks down the walls of the intestinal lining and penetrates into the bloodstream. This releases by-product toxins and other toxins from your system, causing leaky gut syndrome.

We’ve sourced out a great article on Candida over at (9 Candida Symptoms & 3 Steps to Treat Them) that will help you to better-understand what Candida is and how it can affect you.

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