Rebalance your Body!

Rejuvenate your body from within and experience a sense of wellbeing.
Your vitality is a reflection of your health within.

Think back to a time when your body was agile and fluid… You could depend on it. Being in your own skin felt good. Nothing that life threw your way could ever slow you down. You were prepared for anything.
Fast forward to the present… What’s changed?
Depletion has set in and you often wonder if this is your new normal. Know that it is never too late to turn things around. In fact, not only is it possible to reclaim the vitality and vibrancy that you once felt but it is also possible to feel even better than you did in the past.


Your zest for life may be notably missing at the moment but know that you can get it back. Good health begins and ends within colon. Fix the colon and everything else will change.
When toxins are absorbed through the colon and back into the circulatory system, they start to accumulate in different areas of the body and they cause all sorts of problems.
  • Fat Cells:
    Toxins accumulate and cause weight gain and obesity.
  • Skin:
    Our skin is the largest elimination organ for the body. Improper filtration due to an overworked liver and colon can result in skin problems and poor body odour. In addition, escalated levels of toxicity can often develop into serious skin conditions.
  • Joints & Muscles:
    As toxicity builds up in joints and muscles, various conditions can develop, such as joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis, back pain and sciatic pain.


nutritional4Your body wants to be healthy.
The benefits of re-energizing are numerous:
  • general sense of well being and rejuvenation
  • a decrease in size and softening of the abdominal area
  • improved complexion and skin tone
  • clearer skin & eyes
  • healthier hair and nails
  • weight loss and/or normalizing of water retention
  • relief from joint pain, rheumatisms, arthritis
  • figure improvement including metabolic irregularities (water retention, cellulite)
  • For weight loss, healthier skin and hair, eye clearing and metabolic improvement typically a detox program is suggested, formulated specifically for the individual in addition to allergy testing and combined with a balanced nutritional and exercise program.
  • Seniors: relief from joint pain, arthritis, rheumatisms, improved immune system, feeling younger. A sensible and gentle detox or maintenance plan formulated in conjunction with a health practitioner tailor made to the individual’s needs.
At Toronto Colonics, we focus on more than colonics. Our practice is integrative and we are focused on transformation. Cleansing and rebalancing your digestive tract is only one of the keys to shifting your body back into the wondrous specimen it used to. There are other keys to achieving good health.


Our comprehensive programs are designed to reset and rebalance your entire body. It truly is our goal to help you get back to the way things used to be.

Candidiasis has become a chronic, modern-day medical dilemma that seems to be increasing rapidly. The key to optimal vitality is to permanently eliminate Candida yeast or fungal infection within the body. Candida must be destroyed in the digestive system first and then in the blood, tissues and internal organs. Everyone has small amounts of yeasts and other negative microorganisms in the intestinal area which are basically harmless. However, when the immune system and other defence capabilities are compromised or biologically harmed, these microorganisms can multiply very quickly and will interfere with digestion and elimination. When this overgrowth becomes chronic or excessive, its contribution to the problems of poor health and disease can be overwhelming, Yeast can become an aggressive fungus. It multiplies very rapidly, can assume long periods of dormancy and when necessary, becomes cannibalistic.

The colonic allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. It can also help to re-tone and reshape the colon and promotes regularity in the bowels.

The liver is the most complex organ in the body. It has a multitude of functions that include: regulation of blood sugar levels, making thirteen thousand different enzymes, humanizing food by acting as a filter, breaking down toxins, manufacturing cholesterol and bile breaking down hormones. Because of its complexity, the liver can easily become overwhelmed.

The gallbladder is the organ that lies just below the liver, holds bile for the liver. it stores bile that emulsifies fats, cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins by breaking them into tiny globules. Gallbladder problems usually indicate poor liver function.

Our program of Chinese bitters and Gold Coin Grass will facilitate the optimal cleaning of both liver and gallbladder. Gold Coin Grass dissolves gallstones, softens and crushes gallstones in the urinary tract system and treats acute Chronic hepatitis.

The Kidneys also need to be flushed , about 70% of all toxins are dumped through the kidneys. Symptoms of overtaxed kidneys is; swollen fingers and feet, sore backs, high blood pressure, heart problems.

Parasites include worms that live in the gastrointestinal tract. A total of one hundred trillion bacteria live together in our digestive system, in either symbiotic or antagonistic. The most common are roundworms (ascarids, hookworms, pinworms and thread worms) and yes tapeworms. Worm infestation can range from mild to severe, even life threatening. They prevent in poor absorption of essential nutrients and in some cases loss of blood from the gastrointestinal tract.

Our Parasite Cleanse will assists in not only eliminating the worms but also the eggs that are laid.

Please allow one hour for each colonic irrigation session.

On your visits you will be warmly welcomed into an environment where you can relax and unwind assisted by our fully qualified, friendly and experienced lifestyle therapists. The colon and hydrotherapy treatment rooms are unique providing comfortable and soothing surroundings where you can relax and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

This greatly assists our clients to feel at ease during the session and to overcome the initial embarrassment that some clients may feel. We also genuinely believe in the emotional component of ‘release’ which often goes hand in hand with the physical ‘letting go’.

Prior to your colonic irrigation treatment your lifestyle therapist will escort you to your private treatment room and will then fully explain the insertion procedure. You will be provided with a towel for cover. Once the treatment begins the flow of purified water is regulated into your colon to ensure a comfortable excretion of waste throughout the treatment. Your therapist will gently massage your lower abdomen to aid the release of waste.

Our lifestyle therapists will be there for you in every way possible, informing you, educating you, supporting you and giving you the personal attention that you deserve. Once the colon hydrotherapy treatment is complete, you will get dressed and return to the consultation room where you will be given an energizing drink and a probiotic supplementation. At this stage, you and your therapist will also be able to review the progressing of your course of treatments.

After the first appointment and for the duration of the suggested detox or maintenance program selected, please allow one hour for each subsequent visit. During each visit we will evaluate the on-going results of your program. How many treatments will I need?

Every person is different and changes in our lives create different stresses, which means there is no standard number of treatments that are recommended. Generally we suggest that a course of between 8-10 treatments is taken within an initial 4-10 week time frame and then the situation can be reviewed with the lifestyle therapist.

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