Therapeutic treatments

Colonic Irrigation:
The c specializes in colonic irrigation. Abdominal massage is given before each colonic, and the highest quality sterilization is performed, with male and female therapists at your service. If you pre-pay for five (5) sessions you get the sixth session free.
Price: 1 Hour- $95, 6 colonics- $425  More info...

Live Cell Microscopy:
Our live cell microsopy sessions are performed in many different locations by Ted Aloisio. Considered manv to be the foremost authority on the practical application of live cell microscopy, Ted has performed over 20,000 sessions. He has authored Blood Never Lies. He has lectured extensively throughout Canada and the United States. Price: $65- 3 Sessions . More info...

Nutritional Counselling:
A very important first step in achieving your health goals. At the end of the hour you will have a treatment plan specific to your particular needs.
Price: 1 Hour- $125  More info...

Deep Tissue Body Sculturing:
Developed here at the centre, results from this form of massage surpasses results obtained from other known therapies. Body Sculpturing works by breaking down scar tissue and crystallization restoring proper muscular balance. Ideal for chronic pain and ailments in the back, neck and skeletal muscles. If you pre-pay for five (5) sessions you get the sixth session free.
Price: 1 Hour- $80  More info...

Deep Tissue Foot Sculpturing:
Deeper than reflexology. Works the musculature of the foot and the reflex points.
Price: 1 Hour- $80 More info...

Deep Tissue Facial Sculpturing:
Deep work on the muscles of the face.
Price: 1 Hour- $80 More info...

6 Series Massage:
Purchase a series of 6 massages of your choice.
Price: $450

Advanced Training Courses:

Toronto Health and Healing Clinic provides you with the most comprehensive and advanced clinical training courses available in COLON THERAPY and DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. Learn the techniques that will make you a health-care teacher and, a valued member of your profession and community. Discover why so many graduates of the clinic world-wide enjoy rewarding careers in the exciting field of advanced natural therapeutics.


*All prices are in Canadian funds and are subject to applicable taxes 

Live Cell Microscopy

Live Cell Microscopy is an extremely close look at your blood, giving you an overall picture of your well being. Traditional blood test that doctors employ are an autopsy of our blood, whereas with this method the blood is still living..... more

Nutritional Consultation

We will provide you with an easy to follow dietary regime, designed to prepare you for the treatment. No fasting is necessary prior to a treatment, however the few dietary adjustments we recommend will enhance the programme's Nutritional Consultation.... more

Colonic Irrigation

Colonic Irrigation is the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas and mucus This allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. Colonic Irrigation can also help re-tone and reshape the colon... more

Detox Programs

...when the immune system and other defense capabilities are compromised or biologically harmed, these microorganisms can multiply very quickly and will interfere ... more

Deep Tissue Body Sculpturing Massage

Body Sculpturing is a very precise form of medical massage therapy at the Canadian Natural Health and Healing clinic. It is used to treat muscle, tendon, and ligament complaints, as well as other crippling diseases.... more

Foot Sculpturing

This technique has an effect on feet similar to reflexology, but is much more powerful. Foot sculpturing is the most powerful technique for correcting chronic muscle disorders and circulation problems... more

Facial Sculpturing:

Restoring Life to Muscles
Facial Sculpturing focuses specifically on the face to restore youthful tone and contour. Until recently, few options were available to men ... more