Toronto Colonics is THE authority when it comes to colon health

I have been going to Toronto Colonics for well over 2 years and I would highly recommend them. Let's be honest here and recognize that this is a VERY personal and sensitive service. I had the misfortune of having a parasite and without their help I would still be suffering today. Having regular colonics helped me through the stages of eliminating the parasite and I can honestly say that I have never felt better. The practitioners are extremely knowledgeable and incredibly caring. They can tell what you are eating. They can also tell if you've been active or inactive. Bottom line is they actually care about your health. Toronto Colonics is THE authority when it comes to colon health.

Best place for colonics!

Friendly, caring, knowledgeable staff. Make me feel very comfortable and at ease. Very professional. I always look forward to coming here.
Tam S.

Forty and feelin' great!

Two years ago I found myself like many, just turned forty (say it fast it’s less painful), long hours at work, children, family, no time for the gym, poor diet and so on. My health was diminishing and was in desperate need for a life style change. Not willing to accept a fate of obesity, steady flow of high blood pressure or diabetic pharmaceuticals, I embarked on a fitness and wellness program.

Within several months into my fitness program the physical progress was steady but slow, too slow for my liking. I personally knew that athletes opted for colon therapy for enhancing their metabolic efficiency and performance. Coincidentally main stream media was promoting the health benefits of removing years of toxic waste within the intestinal track by the use of “pills”. Again, not being a huge fan of pharmaceuticals I researched the internet for a more natural solution.

Search result: Toronto Colonics (TC) utilizes a natural and organic approach to hydro colonic therapy …..perfect!!!
In addition, the technicians within TC are simply amazing! All of them are dedicated professionals that are extremely knowledgeable. Any reservations, questions about colonics you may have are quickly addressed and you are made at ease with an awkward procedure situation for some.

I am personally about to celebrate a two year anniversary as a weekly TC client and can honestly attest that both my physical and personal wellness has grown by leaps and bounds by having colonics.

Within two years I have successfully completed two marathons and on my way to complete a third. I am presently training to participate in my first triathlon, but my ultimate goal is to compete in an iron man competition...

What a difference ONLY two years can make!!!…think about it…

“Don't take life too seriously because you'll never get out alive…..”
“Many people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could be”
“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path …..and leave a trail.”……..
A Toronto Colonics client…
Barry Dempsey

PS: Despite what Charlene, Nancy and Marie may say…steak and milk are good for ‘yall…hehe
U folks can’t change me that much!!!.....

Feeling good starts from the inside...

Feeling good about your self starts from the inside out and with colonics I found the secret to beautiful skin and rejuvenated energy. I struggled with imperfect skin for years and looked to countless products for the answer - without success. I was willing to try most anything. I did a series of colonics and to this day my skin has never been better. My initial reluctance turned into joy as I saw the transformation before my eyes. Not only was I looking better but actually feeling better as my body began to function optimally. My energy level increased and the better I felt, the more I wanted to maintain this positive equilibrium. To this day, I reap the benefits.
Savanna Negrin

Two Ways to Remove, Restore and Rejuvenate...

The past few months have been challenging. From my summer of flu, to mononucleosis and then finally discovering an uninvited parasite- I’ve been forced to rest and pay extra care to my ailing body. There are many benefits of slowing down from the everyday.. more



Rebalancing your system is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. Once the internal system is in balance, most of our clients experience a renewed sense of vitality and a remarkable feeling of joy and elation more...


Rejuvenating from within is an enlightening and joyful journey of discovery that imparts an
incomparable sense of wellbeing. Revealing your inner beauty could prove to be one of the most exhilarating times more...


Re-energizing your way to the top is something you deserve and that you can maintain with a little commitment. Nothing tastes as good as absolute health and an abundance of energy, You can live life to the fullest and really influence and infect those around you with your vibrancy more...