Nutritional Consultation

Mike Demeter is a university educated Fitness Professional with post graduate accreditations in the dual veins of strength and conditioning as well as Nutrition Sciences. For 20 years Mike has served as Senior Trainer for the GoodLife Fitness Clubs of Canada and now offers his nutritional counselling services here at Toronto Colonics. Routed in the natural wisdom of Bernard Jensen, the scientific acumen of Dr. Colgan and now certified through the Poliquin Institute, Mike is able to diagnose and offer protocols addressing impeded digestive health and the Biosignature of body fat storage problems. Count on Mike to make you look as good as you'll feel. Motivating and educating, these sessions teach you all about you and your unique nutritional needs.

The foundation program analyzes your current eating plan and the symptoms that have accompanied it. Topics such as nutrient timing, macronutrient skew and supplements addressing your Biosignature of fat storage are covered.

The follow up is a planned evaluation and possible redirection as each tier of success is achieved- from pounds/ inches lost to hormonal/ neurotransmitter health issues are successfully dealt with.

To get the most out of your one hour session you may download and bring with you the food and supplement log completed with 3 days worth of activity leading up to your appointment.

1 hr Foundation Program - $125
30 min. follow-up sessions- $75

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