Colonic Irrigation - Hydrotherapy Detox

What is a colonic irrigation cleansing treatment?

A colonic is the process of removing accumulated fecal matter, mucus and sludge from the colon by gently rinsing the colon with warm water. When these impurities cannot be eliminated from the body, the colon tries to absorb them and toxins get released into the bloodstream which in turn cause havoc throughout the entire body. This build up can also substantially diminish your bowel's natural function as it becomes clogged over time prohibiting it from working efficiently.

The colonic allows vital nutrients to be absorbed more easily and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and healthier. It can also help to re-tone and reshape the colon and promotes regularity in the bowels.

Why get a colonic?

If you have a little pot belly below the navel even though you follow a healthy diet and exercise program you likely have accumulated fecal matter that is forcing your colon to prolapse and drop down and out. This is known as a transverse colon since the colon should normally be in line with the navel.

The colon (large intestine/bowel) is approximately 5-6 ft in length and 1 inch in diameter. The bowel has a two-way wall and completes the digestive process, absorbing nutrients and water from the digested foods and receiving dead cells, tissues and waste toxins from around the body. It acts as the body's sewage system.

Our bodies are bombarded from every direction with substances we were not designed to process or eliminate such as air pollution, chemicals founds in our food, and industrial, beauty and household products. When married with our Western lifestyle- stress, alcohol, cigarettes, infrequent exercise and improper diet, the body is overloaded and cannot eliminate the toxins properly.

If the toxins are not eliminated the result is auto-intoxication, which is the putrefaction within the intestinal tract. The waste materials intended for a healthy exit become reabsorbed into the bloodstream and redistributed around the body.

As years pass a person's body, who continues to eat poorly and live under emotional stress, will gradually become overwhelmed by the built-up toxicity. This is when diseases such as allergies, arthritis, migraines, skin disorders, heart disease, gout, metabolic/hormone imbalances, Crohn's Disease, constipation, parasites, Candida and others can manifest themselves.

Interesting facts:

The average person's colon can often hold 8 to 25 lbs of accumulated fecal matter.
In 1914, 57 of the world's leading physicians met at a health conference where they concluded that every organ of the body is affected by reabsorbed poisons from the colon which result in many forms of illness.

Auto-intoxication is when the body poisons itself by maintaining a cesspool of decaying matter in its colon. The toxins released by the decay process get into the bloodstream and travel to every part of the body. Because it weakens the entire system auto-intoxication can be the cause of nearly any disease.

How does it work?

In a 30 to 45 minute session as much as 120 to 133 liters of filtered water is used to gently rinse the colon. Through appropriate use of massage, pressure points, reflexology and breathing techniques the impurities get flushed out of the system . The first stage of a colonic irrigation session involves massage of the lower abdominal area. This increases peristaltic action (bowel contraction) and helps to dislodge fecal impaction. The massage will also indicate the current status of the colon.
Then, a sterilized hygienic spectum is gently inserted into the rectum. Clients are completely covered during the treatment. Purified water is then piped into the colon via a small inlet tube, which then circulates and leaves the colon through an evacuation tube. As the water leaves, it carries out impacted fecal matter, gas and mucus. The entire procedure is completely sanitary. Immediately following the cleansing detox procedure, clients feel lighter and enjoy a sense of well-being.

“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the
intestinal system. When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty and so are the
organs and the tissues. It is the intestinal system that has to be
cared for before any effective healing can take place.”
- Dr. Bernard Jensen

The Benefit:

Conditions such as constipation, colitis, flatulence, bloating and diverticulitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Candida, hemorrhoids, intestinal parasites and chronic diarrhea respond well to colonic irrigation.

The general cleansing of the colon can also help headaches, halitosis, skin problems (acne, eczema, and psoriasis), asthma,food allergies, fatigue, depression and systematic Candida. The treatment is carried out by a qualified therapist specially trained in Colon Hydrotherapy. It is completely safe, and all equipment is sterilize
The water pressure is very low and there is no risk of bowel perforations.
Cleansing the colon via colon hydrotherapy helps to rebalance the alkaline-acid ratio in the body. By keeping the internal environment clean, the friendly bacteria thrive whilst simultaneously inhibiting the disease-causing bacteria.

One of the surprising benefits of colon cleansing is that some people experience significant weight loss after treatment. The average colon weighs approximately four pounds But it is not at all unusual for colon cleansing to flush away as much as ten to thirty pounds of stagnant fecal matter over a period of colonic cleansing.

The Treatment: What to expect.

Please allow one hour for each colonic irrigation session.

On your visits you will be warmly welcomed into an environment where you can relax and unwind assisted by our fully qualified, friendly and experienced lifestyle therapists. The colon and hydrotherapy treatment rooms are unique providing comfortable and soothing surroundings where you can relax and nurture your body, mind and spirit.

This greatly assists our clients to feel at ease during the session and to overcome the initial embarrassment that some clients may feel. We also genuinely believe in the emotional component of ‘release’ which often goes hand in hand with the physical ‘letting go’.

Prior to your colonic irrigation treatment your lifestyle therapist will escort you to your private treatment room and will then fully explain the insertion procedure. You will be provided with a towel for cover. Once the treatment begins the flow of purified water is regulated into your colon to ensure a comfortable excretion of waste throughout the treatment. Your therapist will gently massage your lower abdomen to aid the release of waste.

Our lifestyle therapists will be there for you in every way possible, informing you, educating you, supporting you and giving you the personal attention that you deserve. Once the colon hydrotherapy treatment is complete, you will get dressed and return to the consultation room where you will be given an energizing drink and a probiotic supplementation. At this stage, you and your therapist will also be able to review the progressing of your course of treatments.

After the first appointment and for the duration of the suggested detox or maintenance program selected, please allow one hour for each subsequent visit. During each visit we will evaluate the on-going results of your program. How many treatments will I need?

Every person is different and changes in our lives create different stresses, which means there is no standard number of treatments that are recommended. Generally we suggest that a course of between 8-10 treatments is taken within an initial 4-10 week time frame and then the situation can be reviewed with the lifestyle therapist.


Colonic Irrigation
• 1 session - $95 (Disposable add $10.25)
• Mini Detox - 3 colonic irrigation treatment sessions within 3 or 4 days. - $225
• 6 sessions - REENERGIZE - $425
• 8 sessions - REENERGIZE - $520
• 12 sessions - REBALANCE - $750
• Intensive Detox 18 sessions - REJUVENATE - $1075

Detox Program
Whatever type of cleansing program you embark on, colon hydrotherapy (traditionally known as colonic irrigation) is a natural and highly effective way to start or assist a detox and internal cleanse. It aids the elimination of toxins from the body by flushing out the toxins from the bowels, thereby ridding the body of accumulated toxins at a much faster rate than our elimination organs (the skin, colon, lungs, kidneys and liver) would normally achieve.

Depending on whether you need to rebalance, rejuvenate or re-energize, we will recommend the best course of treatments for you during the consultation on your first visit, alongside your health practitioner and personal trainer where appropriate. The duration and frequency of your colonic treatment sessions will also be affected by the individual response to the treatment and will be reviewed during the course.
Every person is unique and in a different state of health. Hence, the duration and
frequency of this program is based entirely on the individual needs and objectives of each client. One session very rarely accomplishes the desired result. We assess your whole lifestyle (diet, exercise regime, stress related co-factors) to identify potential sources for the various conditions.

Colonic Irrigation can be used in place of laxatives for certain diagnostic tests as well as pre and post surgical procedures. This solution is not only more natural but more practical and is often preferred by clients who choose to be free from the obvious implications of laxative intake and wish to be able to carry on their daily routine as normal. Please note this does not replace your doctors advice. Please contact us for the Physicians Specialty Protocol.

Treatment Programs

To wash out accumulated toxicity;
we suggest 1 or 2 sessions back to back, 3 days (3 days in a row)
Cost: $225


Re-energizing your way to the top is something you deserve and can maintain with a little commitment. Nothing tastes as good as absolute health and an abundance of energy. You can live life to the fullest and really influence and infect those around you with your vibrancy.
Being healthy and vibrant means enjoying life to the fullest. There is a need to be in peak condition across all facets of our lifestyle; from workplace to the sporting arena, or the ability to simply juggle all of our daily tasks at the speed that modern daily existence demands.

Busy executives who have to perform at high levels of efficiency consistently find colon hydrotherapy to be extremely beneficial as it allows the body to rid itself of toxins and the acidity accumulated during prolonged periods of physical and mental stress.

People who practice sports on a regular basis such as athletes and stage performers who need to perform in optimum condition find colon hydrotherapy extremely beneficial. This is because its a natural and effective way of detoxifying the body without any side effects and without interference with supplementation products. In fact, the absorption and synthesis of certain vitamins (namely vitamin K and the B family), minerals, essential fatty acids and water soluble nutrients, which takes place in the colon, is greatly increased when the colon walls are clean of debris and mucous matter is moved.

Apart from the general benefits of keeping the environment clean with colon hydrotherapy, our clients in this category generally experience one or more of these benefits:
• High flyer: busy lifestyle, coping with stress, sleeping better: general maintenance program, ideally preceded by a detox program.
• improved metabolism and absorption
• A surge in energy levels
• Improved range of motion
• An automatic improvement in posture
• Improved sleeping patterns
• A reduction in stress levels
• Enhanced mental clarity
• Sport Performance: Prior to beginning a period of intensive training a detox program is recommended.
• Immediately after a sports event (within 24 hours):
To wash out accumulated toxicity 1 or 2 sessions back to back
• followed by one colonic for 4 weeks
Cost: $425

Once the cleanse is complete and a healthy sustainable eating and exercising regime is in place, a colon hydrotherapy maintenance program can help to prevent the rebuild up of toxins in the body. It can also sustain the high levels of energy and vitality experienced after a cleanse.


When the body is in balance, every part works in harmony and supports the whole being to live better. Unfortunately in today's society the majority of the population lead extremely hectic lifestyles where we are constantly inundated with the daily demands, stresses and pressures of work and home life. Combined with lengthy work hours, lack of rest, low water intake, and not enough exercise it often seems that we are even too busy to go to the bathroom. Yet, we take these daily occurrences for granted and live with them through the years without thinking of the impact they will have on our bodies. To this we add travels to exotic destinations where we expose our bodies to foreign foods and all that comes with it. Not surprisingly, toxins begin to build up affecting our tissues and cells.

When the body needs rebalancing, the accumulated toxicity often manifests itself through one or more of the following parts of the body:
Colon: resulting in constipation, diarrhea, spastic colon, atonic colon, sluggishness, flatulence, hemorrhoids, abdominal bloating, intestinal Candida, various parasites;
Other elimination organs:
- lungs: causing asthma, halitosis (foul breath),
- skin: provoking eczema, psoriasis, sallow complexion and other skin problems, e.g. acne;
- liver and kidneys: increased toxicity, sluggishness, pain;

Pathologies of congestive origin can also be linked to toxicity (headache, migraine, ear, nose and throat blockages, sinus problems) as well as allergies, where the body no longer tolerates certain substances,

Emotional toxicity as well as physical toxicity can manifest itself in various ways: the solar plexus is the emotional centre of the body and the transverse colon passes right through it. If an emotional event is left uncompleted, it often results in physical tension being stored in the solar plexus, which affects all organs in the area, including the colon. This on-going tightening of the colon muscle results in diminished movement of fecal material through the colon, which is known as constipation. This can result in depression, lethargy, anxiety and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). More specific conditions like bloating linked to menstrual pains and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may also be relieved through colonic irrigation.

Allergies are often a manifestation of internal imbalance. Colon hydrotherapy combined with good nutrition and exercising can greatly help to relieve these symptoms.
Colon hydrotherapy may also prove beneficial in the rehabilitative treatment of drug (prescription and narcotic) and other addictions, via the periodic flushing of the chemical toxins out of the body, combined with a properly advised addiction recovery plan.

Detox and cleanse while working:
a course of 6 to 12 colonic irrigation treatments: 2 the first week, then once a week for the next 4 to 10 weeks.
Cost: $750

"I place incredible demands on my body and I need to be sure my body continues to deliver. Regular cleansing is a crucial part of vibrant health and peak performance. Colon Hydrotherapy plays an essential role in sustaining my internal health and keeping my body in peak condition." - Anthony Robbins


Rejuvenating from within is an enlightening and joyful journey of discovery that imparts an incomparable sense of well being. Revealing your inner beauty could prove to be one of the most exhilarating times of your life. Outer beauty and vitality is a true reflection of the beauty within.

When toxins are absorbed through the colon into our circulatory system, they can accumulate in different areas:
fat cells: Causing weight gain and obesity
skin: The skin is the largest elimination organ for the body. Improper filtration in the alimentary tract as a result of an overworked liver and colon can result in skin problems and body odour. Toxicity can often develop into more serious skin conditions.
joints and muscles: As we go through life toxicity naturally builds in joints and muscles, causing joint pain, rheumatism, arthritis, back pain, sciatic pain.

Benefits of re-energizing:
• general sense of well being and rejuvenation
• a decrease in size and softening of the abdominal area
• improved complexion and skin tone
• clearer skin & eyes
• healthier hair and nails
• weight loss and/or normalizing of water retention
• relief from joint pain, rheumatisms, arthritis
• Figure improvement including metabolic irregularities (water retention, cellulite)
For weight loss, healthier skin and hair, eye clearing and metabolic improvement typically a detox program is suggested, formulated specifically for the individual in addition to allergy testing and combined with a balanced nutritional and exercise program.
• Seniors: relief from joint pain, arthritis, rheumatisms, improved immune system, feeling younger. A sensible and gentle detox or maintenance plan formulated in conjunction with a health practitioner tailor made to the individual's needs.

General Maintenance Cleansing:

Advocated after following a detox program to keep the body and mind in peak conditions: two treatments back to back, i.e. the two colonic irrigation treatments on two consecutive days then one colonic every week for 10 to 18 weeks.
Cost: $1075

*All prices are in Canadian funds and are subject to applicable taxes 

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