Good Sh*#! Fiber Blend Stevia-Free

Good Sh*#! Fiber Blend Plus
March 29, 2016
Gas Away Digestive Aid (HCL & Pepsin)
March 22, 2016

Feel Good Again!

Do you know that if you are not eliminating at least two times daily then you are considered to be constipated? Most people do not eliminate enough and this creates a host of issues within the body. From toxic exposure to a variety of digestive issues, poor elimination can severely affect the body. Fiber supplementation can help restore normal bowel function.

Good Sh*#! is the only herbal fiber blend that you will ever need. No other fiber formula on the market compares to Good Sh*#! Packed with essential ingredients, this fiber formulation will have your colon working regularly in no time. In addition to promoting regularity, Good Sh*#! contains a stack of power herbs and nutrients that will fortify your colon, reduce microbial and fungal overgrowth, eliminate parasites and provided essential nutrients.

Start noticing benefits immediately.

  • Remove toxins out of the colon and your body
  • Loose weight
  • Restore regular elimination
  • Remove parasites and fungal overgrowth

Try Toronto Colonic’s popular Good Sh*#! Original Fiber Blend and start feeling like yourself again.